We make fiberglass sugar kettles (some folks call them syrup kettles) as well as our copper fountains. We started making the Louisiana style kettles so that we could have a good quality container to use with our water garden fountains. When we designed the patterns for these water garden container features we  copied the soft curves of the real old Louisiana style sugar kettles and did everything we could to make them the best. This is our small 45" model with a Will Five fountain. There is a nice texture on the sides and a thick rim.
Louisiana Style Fiberglass  Sugar or Syrup Kettles
Made Right Here in South Louisiana just short of Baton Rouge and 45 minutes north of New Orleans
The edges are rounded over with all sanding marks underneath where they cannot be seen. The edges are very thick. We also texture the outside of the sugar kettle so that the fiberglass strands are very difficult to see. Most people have to tap hard on the rim to realize that these Louisiana style fiberglass sugar kettles are not cast iron.
We make them in three sizes: 45 inch sugar kettle for $375 56 inch syrup kettle for $475 65 inch sugar kettle for $615  
All of these have flat bottoms, all are textured and all have nice thick rims.
If you’re looking for fiberglass sugar kettles for sale here in Louisiana or you want us to ship to you; you’ve found the right place. Just call or email us for more information or to order.
Will Five copper fountain in small fiberglass sugar kettle Nicely dressed large fiberglass sugar kettle in Thibodaux, La. Two of our fiberglass sugar kettles with copper heron outdoor fountain Three of our fiberglass sugar kettles being guarded by Aggie the dog. The name is short for "Aggravation".
Shipping is an additional cost and can run between $150 to $350 or so, depending on where you live and the size of the kettle you purchase. Shipping is charged only at cost. If you purchase a copper fountain with the kettle you can save some on shipping as the two pieces will be treated as one by the freight company.
Buy Now and Start Enjoying a More Beautiful Yard! Keep this ol’ boy busy!
Sugar kettles make great planters, stand alone water features or as an excellent container for a copper fountain. They add a little Southern charm to your landscaping.
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